NJ News Commons Spanish Translation News Service

A statewide collaborative meant to increase the amount of quality statewide news available to Spanish-language news audiences

This project will be piloted with four English-language news organizations and six Spanish-language news organizations over the second half of 2022 and into 2023 as a test-run of the Spanish Translation News Service. 

Up to five stories originally produced in English and various formats (text, photographs, video, and multimedia) by statewide media partners will be selected by the project manager and translated each week. The translated articles will be immediately sent to Spanish-language media outlets that are part of the project for use on their platforms.

Up to six bilingual translators will be hired, mostly reporters and editors from ethnic media in New Jersey. 

The project will also create a pop-up weekly newsletter, sharing content and other reporting resources in Spanish. The Center will create a webpage and post the translated stories when they become available, and will seek to develop social media content based on the translated stories to be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The translation project will run for six months, from July 2022 until funding runs out.

Republication rules

The following tagline must be applied to the end of all translated text that is part of the News Service:

This translation was provided by [insert translator name] in association with the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University, and is supported with funding from the NJ Civic Information Consortium. The story was originally written in English by [originating news org] and is being republished under a special content sharing agreement through the NJ News Commons Spanish Translation News Service.

Esta traducción fue proporcionada por [insertar el nombre del traductor] en asociación con el Centro de Medios Cooperativos de la Universidad Estatal de Montclair, y cuenta con el apoyo financiero del Consorcio de Información Cívica de NJ. La historia fue escrita originalmente en inglés por [originating news org] y se vuelve a publicar en virtud de un acuerdo especial para compartir contenido a través del Servicio de noticias de traducción al español de NJ News Commons. 

Content must published as-is

No editing of the content/copy is allowed. 

Content must include full tagline

Each story includes a tagline at the end that must be published in full, including the hyperlink to the originating news organization’s website. 

Any questions?

Send an email to [email protected].