Annual reports

Below are links to PDF versions of the Center for Cooperative Media’s annual reports. The Center typically publishes its annual report in the summer, after the end of the university’s fiscal year. If you have any questions about anything contained in these reports, please contact the Center at


In the 2017-18 fiscal year, the Center set a record for its fundraising efforts, executed more funded projects than ever before, expanded its profile in the national area, doubled the size of the NJ News Commons network, doubled its number of newsletters and published more than 120 stories about its work and the work of its NJ News Commons members. The Center also released its first full research whitepaper and hosted two national conferences.


Among this year’s accomplishments for the Center – which includes hosting two large national conferences in eight months, doubling its funding budget and launching a research agenda – perhaps the most notable is the renewed sense of purpose and buzz that was created. Several successes in conceiving, pitching and executing exciting projects energized the staff. Smart project management kept the trains running on time. And a focus on external networking gave the Center the marketing boost it craved.


Stefanie Murray joined the Center in April as its new director. We partnered with NJ Spotlight to raise more than $31,000 to fund a year-long series of stories about immigration in New Jersey. We used our share of the money to fund an initial round of $5,800 in grants to support nine immigration reporting efforts by ethnic, immigrant, community, and other small media outlets in New Jersey. We launched the NJ Mobile News Lab. We hosted our third annual conference.