Useful links and websites

for news and media organizations of all shapes and sizes.

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Suite of free, interactive storytelling tools ⭐⭐⭐

Remove the background from images ⭐

Free versions of file editing tools you usually pay for

Browse stock photos

Free stock video (+audio)

Chrome Extension Starter Kit ⭐

Capture screenshots of web pages

Keep a list of the last X things you copied to your clipboard (Apple only)

Screen recording tool

Bypass most paywalls ⭐

Create a temporary email address to avoid spam

Free icons and illustrations

Create custom shortlinks ⭐

Find the original URL behind a short URL

Place to search for icons (free and paid)

If a site is down, access it here

A simple online timer for your daily needs

Transfer large files for free

Scan any suspicious file

Quickly convert or reformat text

AI tool that automatically writes emails for you

Paraphrasing tool that rewrites everything as plagiarism free text

Find persuasive headlines and slogans for your website or story

Protect your e-mail against spam

Create minimalist outline notes

Download free fonts

Share your screen with anyone

Record your screen and yourself at the same time

Check your writing

Check your website for speed issues

Create self-destructing text notes

Free open-source encrypted video conferencing tools

Augment your video/stream (free option available)

Expanded clipboard

Combine audio + image to make video

Stabilize shaky videos

Real-time problem & outage monitoring

Optopedia: A glossary of the most commonly used optimization terms

Get notified when someone mentions you on social media

Download the audio from a YouTube video

Free online voice recorder ⭐

AI tools database

HUGE repository of free online editing tools  ⭐⭐⭐

Suite of free online PDF editing tools ⭐

Suite of free online video editing tools ⭐

Create auto-generated logos for your project or company

Use artificial intelligence to compose original soundtracks and music ⭐

Use AI to generate text/copy ⭐⭐

Use different picker wheels to make random selections ⭐

Convert, compress and edit multimedia files ⭐⭐

Compress videos, images, audio and documents

Create step-by-step instructions or walkthroughs ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Insert pre-defined text snippets using shortcuts ⭐ ⭐

Find free software recommendations

Browser-based graphic design tool

Check most shared content

Free flat/stock illustrations

Password manager ⭐ ⭐

Organize your projects

Ipsum collection

Special character/symbol entities

List of emojis you can copy + paste

Social card preview

Panorama viewer

Color pickers

Material design palette

Multi-track voice channel recording

Play the piano with your (computer) keyboard

Share link generator

Asynchronous video conversations

Create presentations, infographics, and visual media

Make your own music or sound track (or podcast intro)

Track Amazon product price history

Collections, guides, and toolkits:

Best practices for eco-friendly remote work

Suite of business and retail reporting tools

Virtual engagement guide

Resources for everything creative

Web Design repository

Website design inspiration

Repository of JQuery plugins

User interface inspiration

Tools for front end developers

Freelancing 101

Guides to fix almost anything

Get a curated suite of (Mac/Apple) apps

⭐ = extra neat/useful.

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