News You Can Use

Here are some places to find content that can be republished or repurposed at no additional cost.

The Local Connection

Each week, we bring you national and regional news stories with a potential local connection or angle. Use this newsletter as your go-to resource for finding new and interesting stories that will resonate with your audience and your community.

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The Conversation

The Conversation is an independent, not-for-profit global network of newsrooms first launched in Australia in 2011. It began its U.S. operations in 2014, and also publishes in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Indonesia and Africa.

Through a Creative Commons license, Conversation US articles are shared – at no charge to news organizations – across the geographic and ideological spectrum. Articles are written by academic experts and edited by journalists. The Conversation is particularly interested in strengthening news organizations that are severely under-resourced.

Be sure to read the republishing guidelines.

Kaiser Health News

Kaiser Health News  is a nonprofit news service that produces in-depth coverage of health care policy and politics. It reports on how the health care system — hospitals, doctors, nurses, insurers, governments, consumers — works. Kaiser Health News is editorially independent and financed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Menlo Park, Calif., that is dedicated to filling the need for trusted information on national health issues.

Articles are available at no charge through a Creative Commons license.


ProPublica is an independent, nonprofit news organization that produces investigative journalism. Its website says, “We dig deep into important issues, shining a light on abuses of power and betrayals of public trust — and we stick with those issues as long as it takes to hold power to account.”

Unless otherwise indicated, ProPublica’s articles and graphics can be republished for free under a Creative Commons license. Photographs and illustrations cannot be republished without specific permission.