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Sarah Stonbely, Ph.D, is the research director for the Center for Cooperative Media. She received her doctorate in political communication, media sociology, and journalism studies from New York University in 2015. Her research at CCM supports the Center’s mission to grow and strengthen local journalism. Sarah can be reached at

The state of ethnic and community media in New Jersey

By Sarah Stonbely and Oni Advincula

JUNE 3, 2019 – This report surveys ethnic and community media serving New Jersey and attempts to assess the state of these outlets in 2019.

Health and wealth in local news: Examining community wealth, publisher background, source of revenue

OCT. 11, 2018 – This research looks at the influence of three commonly cited features on the success of digital local news outlets: the background of the publisher, experimentation with different revenue streams, and the wealth of the surrounding community. Of the three, only the wealth of the community is statistically correlated with “success” (which we define as organizational longevity + three indicators of economic success).

What do New Jersey news consumers want? Assessing satisfaction with local news

MAR. 29, 2018 – Local news outlets are competing for the attention of their audiences like never before. In the current high-choice environment, what can local news providers do to make sure their news is valuable to their audiences? Likewise, what kinds of data do organizations whose missions are to support and strengthen local news need to do their work? This report lays some groundwork for answering these questions.

Comparing models of collaborative journalism

SEP. 29, 2017 – In her research, Stonbely focused on cooperative arrangements, formal and informal, between two or more news and information organizations which aim to supplement each group’s resources and maximize the impact of the content produced. She separates various kinds of collaboration by comparing levels of integration versus time, which, when viewed on a matrix, creates six models of collaborative journalism

Layoffs in Local Newsrooms: Documenting the changing New Jersey local journalism ecosystem (2016-17)

MAR. 17, 2017 – New Jersey saw significant cuts to its journalism corps in 2016. This was primarily due to the acquisition of North Jersey Media Group by Gannett Co. and ensuing layoffs, although other media organizations contracted as well. This report seeks to document the North Jersey layoffs, and to provide more detail about who and what was lost to the local journalism ecosystem in the process.What impact did these layoffs have on the news and information provided by these outlets? Our research found clear evidence of decreases in substantive community news and information.