Outside research and reports

We’re always looking at the excellent work of our colleagues in related fields. Below is a selection of studies that relate to growing and strengthening local journalism.

Ecosystem studies

Journalistic Networks and the Diffusion of Local News: The Brief, Happy News Life of the “Francisville Four” | Anderson, 2010.

The Murrow Rural Information Initiative: Access, Digital Citizenship and the Obligations of the Washington State Information Sector | Atwood, 2012.

Social Mobilization and the Networked Public Sphere: Mapping the SOPA-PIPA Debate | Benkler et al., 2013.

An Information Community Case Study: Scranton | Durkin and Glaisyer, 2010.

Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election | Faris, Roberts, Etling, Bourassa, Zuckerman, and Benkler, 2017.

Linking Audiences to News: A Network Analysis of Chicago Websites | Gordon and Johnson, 2011.

The Battle for ‘Trayvon Martin’: Mapping a Media Controversy Online and Off-line | Graeff, Erhardt, Stempeck, and Zuckerman, 2014.

Ecosystems and Networks | Jarvis, 2014.

Journalism Innovation and the Ecology of News Production: Institutional Tendencies | Lowrey, 2012.

Assessing Local Journalism: News Deserts, Journalism Divides, and the Determinants of the Robustness of Local News | Napoli, Weber, McCollough, and Wang, 2018.

Assessing News Media Infrastructure: A State – Level Analysis | Napoli, Dunham, and Mahone, 2017.

Assessing the health of local journalism ecosystems | Napoli, Stonbely, McCollough, and Renninger, 2015.

How News Happens: A study of the news ecosystem of one American city | Pew Research Center, 2010.

Mapping Emerging News Networks: A Case Study of the San Francisco Bay Area | Ramos, Gunes, Mensing, and Ryfe, 2013.

The Flow of Digital News in a Network of Sources, Authorities, and Hubs | Weber and Monge, 2011.

Engagement research

Center for Media Engagement (multiple reports) | Moody College of Communication @ UT-Austin.

Infogagement: Citizenship and Democracy in the Age of Connection | Leighninger, 2014.

Good or Bad? Charming or Tedious? Understanding Public Participation | Leighninger & Nabatchi, 2015.

On the importance of local journalism

As Local News Goes, So Goes Citizen Engagement | Hayes, D. & Lawless, J. The Journal of Politics, 2015.

Television and Voter Turnout | Gentzkow, M. The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2006.

The Effect of Newspaper Entry and Exit on Electoral Politics | Gentzkow, M., Shapiro, J., & Sinkinson, M. The American Economic Review, 2011.

Revenue and sustainability studies

Digital News Report 2019 | Reuters Institute

Literature review | The Membership Puzzle Project.

Paying for News: Why people subscribe and what it says about the future of journalism | American Press Institute, 2017.

Survival is Success: Journalistic online start-ups in Western Europe | Bruno & Kleis Nielsen, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, 2012.

Sustainable Strategies: Lessons from a year at the Texas Tribune | Batsell, Knight Foundation, 2015.

On the state of local news

Searching for Sheboygans: On the future of small market newspapers | Ali, Radcliffe, Schmidt, & Donald, 2017.


Deepening Engagement for Lasting Impact: A Framework for Measuring Media Performance & Results | Learning for Action, 2013.

Audience studies and survey research

Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2017 | Newman, Fletcher, Kalogeropoulos, Levy, & Nielsen, 2017.

Portrait of the Online Local News Audience | McCollough, Crowell, & Napoli, 2015.

What’s At Issue Here? New York Metro Area Residents on the Problems That Concern Them Most | Public Agenda, 2015.

Journalism & Democracy

Systemic Impacts of Mini-Publics | Riedy & Kent, 2017.

The elective affinity between post-truth communication and populist politics | Waisbord, 2018.


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