Report: The state of ethnic and community media in New Jersey

By Sarah Stonbely and Anthony Advincula (June 2019)

The Center’s latest report, “The State of Ethnic and Community Media in New Jersey,” is our first attempt at putting together a detailed accounting of the ethnic and community media providers serving the Garden State.

In addition to a “census” of outlets, the report includes both quantitative and qualitative description of their operations, as well as a discussion of themes common among them.

The report concludes with recommendations for how we and others might support them as they continue to serve as crucial news and information providers to their respective communities.

We document a robust and optimistic, yet under-resourced and under-appreciated sector made up of at least 119 outlets serving New Jersey. These media outlets are generally well established with roots in communities dating back decades.

They also tend to be close to their audiences, drawing on voices and viewpoints from a wide variety of community members and taking a high degree of input from them as well.

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Click here to view and download a full PDF of the report. To request a printed book, email [email protected].

Click here to view the database of ethnic and community media outlets in NJ