How to vote story from NJ Spotlight News, Votebeat stories, graphics and social cards available for NJ News Commons republishing

It’s getting close to the November election, and you’re swamped. We know you are busy covering local elections, the pandemic and protests.

So to help you help your readers understand how to vote, the Center for Cooperative Media is providing a full Q+A article about the voting process in New Jersey that you can pick up from NJ Spotlight News and run with attribution on your website, in your printed product or in a video broadcast or podcast. The article is available in both Spanish and English. Additionally, NJ Spotlight News also has a video about how to vote that you can embed on your websites.

We’ve also created several graphics for you to run on your website, in your printed product and on social media about the voting process in New Jersey.

This is part of an effort to provide NJ News Commons members with reliable content you can use leading up to, and after the election.

Additionally, the Center is helping to facilitate dissemination of Votebeat content in New Jersey.

To get access to the folder, click here and send us a request. 

Once you have access to our Elections 2020 Google Folder, you can find:


This story was written by NJ Spotlight News and is being made available for republication thanks to a content-sharing agreement facilitated by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University. To get access to the folder with story, click here and send us a request. The story is available in:


Download this PDF flyer about how to return a mail-in ballot and disseminate it however you wish. You can also convert the PDF to a PNG or a JPG and use it on your website, in a newsletter, etc., if you need a vertically-oriented graphic.


Download this graphic about how to return a mail-in ballot and use it on website stories, on Twitter and Facebook. Note it’s specially sized for Twitter and Facebook.


Download these graphics about how to return a mail-in ballot and use them for an Instagram post. There are six images in total, and when you post them on Instagram your readers can easily swipe through to read each step of the mail-in voting process.

We’ve also compiled a list of experts and sources who are willing to speak to reporters on the record about everything from voter registration to NJ election law. Click here to view the list on Google Docs.

If you have questions or would like to request additional content, drop us an email at

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Votebeat is a new kind of election reporting project from Chalkbeat. We need to urgently deploy local reporters in up to nine key states to cover the nuanced truth about how the machinery of the election is running. Votebeat articles will appear in partnering news media in each state and can be reprinted freely by other news outlets.

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