December 17, 2021 Joe Amditis

Gov. Murphy: ‘I will reduce the economic inequalities in the state’

By Selcuk Acar, Turkish Journal

This story was produced as part of a six-month COVID-19 reporting fellowship with NJ ethnic and community media organized by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University. It has been updated and edited from its original version in the Turkish Journal.


NEW JERSEY — Governor Phil Murphy promised that he will continue to fight for immigrants and people of color, who are disproportionately affected by the pandemic, to reduce wealth disparities in the state.

In a meeting with ethnic media representatives, organized by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University, Murphy said that he has established a Wealth Inequality Task Force as part of his efforts to reduce poverty.

He also discussed his plans and budget priorities for immigrants and people of color communities during his new gubernatorial term.

“Our administration understands that New Jersey’s diversity is our greatest strength,” Murphy said.

A progressive Democratic politician, Murphy noted that his administration has increased investment in education, housing and social programs to reduce social inequalities.

“Recently, we have introduced a legislative package to bring more diversity to the ranks of law enforcement,” he said. “And we have just created the Office of Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging, led by Jayné Johnson, to, among other things, eradicate racial and ethnic inequalities in the state and expand opportunities for Black communities and other underserved New Jerseyans.”

Promising that his administration will continue to work on reducing the economic gap through its economic programs, Murphy noted: “Finding ways to decisively reduce these gaps, with money, program and policy, has been and will remain a central priority for us from day one.”

Advertising support for NJ ethnic media

Answering the question about the allocation of advertising budgets for ethnic media, like the city of New York and state of California, Murphy signaled that he “would consider” supporting the ethnic press in New Jersey.

“I won’t necessarily make commitments, but it’s definitely something I’ll consider,” Murphy said. “We are already doing some of this. I’m very open to doing that. A clever way to reach people. And frankly, it’s more targeted, down-to-earth than any other major media player, whether it’s print radio, television or digital.”


Photo caption: A man repairs a light on a beam behind an American flag that hangs over the factory floor. The factory is based in Paterson, New Jersey, and is manned primarily by immigrant workers. (Photo credit: Julian Rigg.)

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Joe Amditis

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