Advisory Board Charter 2021


The purpose of the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University’s Advisory Board is to broaden the Center’s network of civic connections in order to bring forward ideas, identify potential partners, and prospect for new funding sources that will help the Center advance its strategic role in New Jersey and beyond. The Advisors bring a diversity of experiences and perspective to their role, and will be expected to use their connections on the Center’s behalf.  The Center for Cooperative Media’s Advisory Board is asked to:

— Support and give feedback on annual programming.

— Share external perspectives and information including current and emerging needs, gaps, opportunities and trends

— Participate in identifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding donors/funders

Advisors will convene twice annually, once to discuss the coming year and again mid-year. By supporting a future-vision process annually, advisors will offer early input into the annual planning cycle, bring external perspectives and information to the Center’s work and suggest ways that new connections can accelerate program development and effectiveness. During the remainder of the year, advisors will be “on call” to assist management as the Center pursues its important mission.


The Center for Cooperative Media’s Advisory Board will have 8 members, representing constituencies including funding partners, New Jersey media-makers, New Jersey civic leadership, national journalism innovation, and journalism scholars.


Advisors will be asked to serve one two-year term, to actively participate as observers, participants, and advocates of the Center’s work, and to be willing to use their connections to advance the Center.


The Center for Cooperative Media will convene its Advisory Board for virtual meetings twice a year, once in January and once in June.


Advisory Board expectations include:

— Attend two meetings, hosted in January and August. Meetings will be hosted virtually until further notice.

— Bring your professional and life experience to bear in advising the Center’s leadership and offering ideas, feedback and support.

— Provide input and advice for the Center’s programming agenda, which has a focus on five key strategic pillars:

+ Seize the moment: listen, create, and respond as pandemic conditions change. Accelerate services to CCM’s constituents as they face unprecedented challenges.

+ Enhance the Center’s efforts in equity, diversity, and inclusion and make this work an urgent and visible focus in New Jersey.

+ Improve and expand the Center’s connection with current local news and information partners and potential partners.

+ Grow the Center’s national influence and advocate widely for collaboration.

+ Broaden CCM’s revenue resources by aggressively exploring ways to expand the Center’s revenue base.

— Contribute as able to to programming put on by the Center, which could include speaking, attending, etc.

— Agree to be listed as an advisory board member on the Center’s website.


The Center’s director will be the main point of contact for the Advisory Board. The Board will also be supported by Center administrator Denise Shannon.

The Center will review advisors’ performance annually and determine whether each advisor will be asked to continue when their two-year term expires. Advisors who cannot fulfill these duties, who change jobs or fields altogether, who are unresponsive, or find themselves unwilling to use their connections to advance the Center, will not have terms renewed.

At the end of each term, Advisors will be asked about continuing their term and their involvement, and will discuss goals for their individual engagement with the Center’s director.