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New Jersey freelancers and independent journalists

The Center for Cooperative Media works with 250 news and media organizations across New Jersey who are part of its NJ News Commons network, including hyperlocal digital publishers, public media, newspapers, television outlets, radio stations and multimedia news organizations. The NJ News Commons network was founded in 2012.

In early 2018, the Center expanded the NJ News Commons to include individual New Jersey freelancers and independent journalists.

Like institutional members of the NJ News Commons, individual members agree to communicate and collaborate with one another. Our members work on reporting projects together, share content through our story exchange, share best practices, attend trainings and seminars, and help keep each other informed as the news industry changes. The Center coordinates the network and provides members with the support they need to be successful.

Below you will find a list of NJ News Commons media freelancers and independent journalists.

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