What is the NJ Media Mentors program?

Especially over the last 10 years, a lot of people who spent decades working for news organizations have left their jobs. They’ve been bought out, retired or got tired of the turmoil in the media industry.

Many of those people have a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the business: Some worked as editors, some were talented reporters, others are incredible copy editors, advertising sales managers and more.

If this describes you or someone you know, have you ever considered volunteering your experience to mentor an independent local news outlet?

In November 2021, we launched the NJ Media Mentors volunteer program to recruit leaders and retirees who worked in some capacity for a news organization and are willing to serve as volunteers to mentor local news outlets in our state. We are especially seeking to pair volunteers with entrepreneurs of color and those serving marginalized communities.

The idea for this program came from Josie Gonsalves, publisher of the Newark-based nonprofit newsroom Public Square. Public Square is modeled loosely after SCORE, the largest network of free volunteer small business mentors in the U.S.

We’re looking for people with all sorts of expertise. If you’re willing to give some of your time, sign up!

We’ll pair volunteers with local news leaders for mentorship. New Jersey is lucky to have a growing number of independently owned nonprofit and for-profit news.

Use the button below or click here to sign up to be a mentor, and if you’re looking to get connected with a mentor, you can browse the database we’ll eventually publish or you can just email us at info@centerforcooperativemedia.org and we’ll make the match!

The list below contains profiles of former and current news leaders who have volunteered their time, effort, and insight as NJ Media Mentors. You can use the public contact info in each profile, if a mentor has provided it, to contact them directly — or you can email the Center at info@centerforcooperativemedia.org and we’ll do our best to make the connection for you.