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Local publishers should pay attention to the rise of smart speakers

Over the next six months, so-called “smart speakers” like the Amazon Echo and Google Home are expected to reach an estimated 36 million active users, according to a study by eMarketer. Meanwhile, Apple recently announced plans to introduce its own smart speaker, “which comes in the form of a bulbous appliance rather awkwardly called the HomePod,” writes Nicholas Quah

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Why are publishers abandoning Facebook Instant Articles?

Faster loading times not enough to prevent big players from leaving

Instant Articles were marketed as a publishing game-changer when Facebook first made them available to a select group of major publishers back in 2015. A year later, publishers of all sizes were given access to the new format. Instant Articles promised faster load times, which would reduce the number of users that jumped ship and moved on to the next story when yours took too long to load…

Local publishers should take care in interpreting big mobile advertising data

Nearly every survey, study, and market research report that comes out essentially says the same thing: mobile advertising is big and getting bigger. But the data from Street Fight’s recent Local Merchant Report 2017 seems to tell a different story – fewer than a quarter of local small businesses using mobile marketing regularly and, as shown in the report, they were not giving it a high ranking for effectiveness…

Snapchat for old people: Social media isn’t always about you

Tim Cigelske looks at various social media platforms, specifically Snapchat, and attempts to dispel some long-standing myths and concerns about all the new social tools and platforms that appear to multiply with each passing month. Don’t understand or “get” Snapchat and Snapchat culture? Don’t worry, Cigelske says there’s a good chance that it just wasn’t built for you…

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