#5Questions with New Jersey Media Leaders

New Jersey Media: #5Questions with Eric Strauss of NJBIZ

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Eric Strauss (Photo credit: https://twitter.com/acerimrat)

Name: Eric Strauss
Title: Managing editor of NJBIZ
Age: 42
Current residence: Byram Township, N.J.
Originally from: Saigon, Vietnam and Bloomsburg, P.A.
Contact info: erics@njbiz.com and (732) 246-5724



Tell us about yourself:
I have been working in journalism since I was 16 years old, with the exception of a few years in academic communications. I have been with NJBIZ for nearly three years, starting as digital content editor and becoming managing editor in January 2017. My longest stay was at The Star-Ledger, where I spent eight years as a business copy editor and eventually deputy business editor for production – and where I first got to know NJBIZ’s editor, Tom Bergeron, who was at The Star-Ledger at the same time. I have also worked for several daily newspapers in my home state of Pennsylvania and a few other publications, both as a reporter and copy editor. Familywise, my wife and I live in Byram Township, Sussex County, with our two daughters.

Tell us about your publication:
NJBIZ, New Jersey’s leading business journal, produces a weekly print edition with a circulation of more than 15,000 copies, as well as providing 24/7 business news coverage through its NJBIZ.com website and multiple daily e-newsletters. The publication, founded in 1987 and based in the Somerset section of Franklin Township, is also well-known throughout the state for its events honoring New Jersey’s top business professionals. It is owned by BridgeTower Media, the leading provider of business-to-business information, research and marketing solutions across more than 20 local economies in the U.S.

What makes you get up and go to work every day?
To be honest, I have never lost the sense of idealism that tells me journalists serve their readers and this nation as a whole by informing and educating our fellow citizens. I truly believe I am repaying this nation, as an immigrant, through performing a public service. As for this particular job, quite honestly, NJBIZ has a strong editorial team with an excellent rapport, personally and professionally, and that just makes it fun to come to work every day.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to journalism?
As I mentioned, I believe that part of my job is to inform the public, so I particularly enjoy when we run the stories that no one else is writing, whether it’s a look at a company you may not know, but should, or a trend you may have heard about and how it could affect your business. And, like any journalist, I guess, the job is at its most exciting when news is breaking and we’re in a blur of action to get the story told, quickly and accurately, for our readers. Slightly off-topic, after more than a decade reporting on the New Jersey business community, I have gotten to know some truly amazing people, both as professional colleagues and sources/story subjects, and that is definitely one of my favorite parts of being a journalist.

As a media organization that covers business, what are your thoughts on the future of the media business (in New Jersey and/or as a whole)?
Obviously, these are challenging times for our industry, for a variety of reasons, but I believe that the media in general will always have an audience. The question for all of us is how to find it and retain it, of course. As a specialty publication, our goal at NJBIZ is to be the go-to source for business leaders in the state, from CEOs of major corporations to entrepreneurs and everyone in between; the more we introduce our readership to what matters in business, the more that readership will grow. Personally, I suspect the publications that successfully navigate the ever-changing online element of the industry will be the ones that thrive. At NJBIZ, for instance, we are a weekly print publication, but our website is, as we like to say, 24/7. So our readers have a variety of ways to get a variety of stories, whether it’s a long-form series in the paper or a news alert sent via email and tweeted out.

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